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Dana Graham is a multi-discplinary creative and curator from and currently based in Dayton, OH. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Studies with a concentration in Directing from Wright State University in 2015. Upon graduation she completed a season- long artistic administration fellowship at Kitchen Theatre Company in Ithaca, NY under the direction of Rachel Lampert and Stephen Nunley. After completion of her fellowship at KTC, Dana returned back to her hometown and in 2018 founded Scripted in Black (SIB). 

Outside of pursuing her career as a creative, Dana is a lover of all things God, family and friends,  and Black culture. 

Product and believer of Black Girl Magic.

An avid music, tv, and film connoisseur. 

Good food + the natural way of life-- from hair to wellness, authentic vibes, organic conversations, and eclectic experiences are keys to her heart. 


Along with curating, producing, and directing for Scripted in Black, she is also the co-creator of ArtCrawl: A Visual + Performing Arts Festival that occurs annually in the Fall in Dayton, OH.

artist statement

Nina Simone, one of my dearest inspirations, describes the duty of an artist in this way: “How can you be an artist and NOT reflect the times? That to me is the definition of an artist.” This quote has heavily shaped my evolution as an artist. As a creative with an unconventional approach, I create multi-disciplinary, conscious, and fulfilling experiences that truthfully illuminate the stories of underrepresented groups, lifestyles, ideals, and traditions of Black and Brown culture.

I am interested in cultural storytelling that entertains and creates powerful spaces, social interaction and fellowship, and unity.


My eccentric approach fuses different art forms such as poetry, visual arts, dance, music, food, and fashion together with principles of theatre as its base. I believe the intertwining of different art forms allows me to bring important layers to a story that reflects how vibrant and multidimensional Black + Brown culture, perspective, and experiences are.. These human processes move me to create work that challenges the way we think and act and to provide a holistic arts home for Black + Brown communities.


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